100 Pushups or Bust

A little over a week ago, JD at Get Fit Slowly announced that he was starting the “one hundred pushups” training program. Loads of people have followed his lead and I think I’m inspired to join them.

It’s been a while since I’ve done any resistance exercise, over a year, in fact. Since I I quit the gym, I’ve been swimming, cycling and walking up a storm. And though I’ve been meaning to work in some sit-ups and pushups, I never quite got around to it. I optimistically hoped that swimming would keep my upper body strength up to snuff, but this morning I learned otherwise.

I set off to do my first pushup, body raised off the ground, straight as a board. I lowered myself down and encountered a bit of a surprise: it was really hard to push myself back up. I was shocked by how difficult it was.

I know I have more pushups in me. I’m not sure about 100 – this isn’t a numbers game, after all. I’d rather be able to do a few pushups with good form than a whole bunch of jerky, pointless excuses for pushups. The “one hundred pushups” program seems like a good place to start. So why not?

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Anyone else got pushup fever?

One thought on “100 Pushups or Bust

  1. Pete @ quicktofit

    I started the pushups program a week or two ago. I was surprised at how few pushups i could do, and at how hard it was to do those pushups. I’m showing slow progress even in week two, and I think it’s a great program to get people moving on doing some resistance exercises.


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