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Biggest Relief Ever

ILR Success!

Thanks to everyone for your kind and supportive comments on my last post. Just wanted to share the news that my application for Indefinite Leave to Remain was successful! I got the news last Wednesday in Cardiff. And this August, I’m eligible for Citizenship. I think I’m still reeling from the adrenaline of the nervousness / good news.

No, back to our regularly scheduled program!

[UPDATE March 5, 2011] I just wrote a VERY long post about ILR on, an indepensible resource for all immigration matters – I wouldn’t have gotten here under HSMP in the first place if it weren’t for those awesome folks.  Click here to read about my ILR experience at Cardiff.

Well-timed visit from Mom

Rainy day in Bath
It’s a time of change in the world of me. Work life. Home life. Even pet life. It all seems to hang in the balance. And I’m having a hard enough time managing life in the offline world to bother keeping up with my online world.
Which irks me.
I write and take pictures for the pure joy of it. And when I stop writing or taking pictures, I feel like it’s a bad sign that I’ve taken on a bit more than I can chew.
So for all of these reasons and more, I am very grateful to have my mom for a visit in the UK for a couple of weeks. It is great to have someone familiar around to help me roll with the changes.
One of those changes is my status in the UK. My mom is kindly joining me on a trip to Cardiff tomorrow where I am submitting my application for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK (which basically means I can live and work here forever and also apply for Citizenship in a short while). It’s a big deal for me and I’m nervous as all hell. I’m so grateful to have my mom along, because whatever the reason, I’m sure I’ll want someone there to either celebrate or commiserate with.
Other changes are either too boring or personal to talk about here. But regardless, I’m going to try to keep this blog alive, if only to keep me grounded.