All Bouquet, No Flavor

skitched-20090724-161208.jpgThis is the problem I have with fruit teas – they smell nice, but they don’t really taste like anything. As Tim puts it, they’re “all bouquet and no flavor.” As a result, I’ve always shunned fruit teas… until I had this Blackcurrant and Hibiscus Tea from Jing Teas, which came with a tea sampler I bought for Tim’s birthday. This afternoon I took a chance and was pleasantly surprised. As Jing describes it…

Whole blackcurrants, berries and cracked hibiscus shells make this sumptuous herbal infusion absolutely delightful. Vivid, intense and lively with a rich spectrum of berry fruits. Refreshing, even bracing, and full of charm.

I don’t know if it “charmed” me, but it was definitely tasty, and would be delicious chilled with ice. Brad reckons it would be a “solid companion to scones or similar baked goods,” but then again, what kind of tea wouldn’t be a solid companion to baked goods?

If you’ve never tried Jing tea, I highly recommend the Jing Tea Explorer set. You get ten 10g samples of teas, enough to get about 3 small teapots of tea of from each sample. The sample includes various green, yellow, white and the aforementioned blackcurrant and hibiscus tea. At £11, this seems like quite a bargain to me (it works out to about .18p per cup of tea).

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7 thoughts on “All Bouquet, No Flavor

  1. Katharina

    Yay for a fruit tea that actually tastes as good as it smells. There’s this one loose tea I love (isn’t fruit) but it has such a strong delicious flavor (exactly how it smells) – and I don’t have to add anything to it! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Monica Shaw

    @Hanlie – Wow! Tell me more about these infusions… do you make them with fresh fruit?

    @Katharina – What’s the loose tea you like?

    @Merry – You’re very welcome. =D


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