Another average blackberry season


The blackberries are here and I went out yesterday to pick a few. They berries look good, so good that I couldn’t stop picking them (and eating a bunch along the way). But their taste is, well, not so sweet. Or rather, too sweet. They seem to be sugarry, but without that nice tart flavour that I love about blackberries.

Nevertheless, I took home a haul anyway. Their juicy sweetness will do in an apple crumble.

Foraged blackberries

2 thoughts on “Another average blackberry season

  1. Carrie

    How bizarre! My blackberries came really early in August, but the rains have come now they are are in a rather dreary state. The ones I picked were almost too tart and tiny! I like the big fat blackberries best that are a mix of tart and sweet.

  2. Monica

    Yesterday I found a very small helping of big juicy aromatic blackberries on a small bush by the drive. I picked a handful, two of which I dropped on a pile of dog doo. Then when I put them down at home to take my shoes off, my dog ate them! Maybe this just isn't my year for blackberries!


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