Have I crossed the threshold between logical scientist and smelly hippy?

As some of you know, I’ve been working through some problems with my easily-excited border collie, Jay. It’s been a rough few weeks – you can read the gory details on – but among the trials and tribulations have been an amazing amount of support and help from my family, friends and the AMAZINGLY compassionate dog community.

In my ongoing discussions with the Internet-savvy dog lovers of Britain, many folks suggested I try using essential oils, particularly geranium and lavender, to calm Jay down. I dismissed this for a couple weeks as hippy hoo-ha, but after a couple weeks of hyper dog (the long sunny days seem to really wind him up), I finally caved in. Last Tuesday, before my epic ladies lunch at Olive Tree in Bath, I headed to Neal’s Yard Remedies to pick up some oils and this nifty oil burner thing (pictured above).

You know what’s amazing – I think the oils might actually work. Okay, maybe it’s a coincidence, but every time I light up the burner (with a bit of water and a few drops of oil in the bowl), it isn’t long before Jay kicks back and settles down.

Then I think – maybe the oils are doing me a bit of good, too. Perhaps dog and I are both chilling out, and thus, making the environment more calm overall.

At the very least, it smells nice. And I like the way the burner looks. There’s something to be said about fire and clay. Both bring me a sense of peace and tranquility. Add to that a little Calm Your Canine classical music, and we’re almost approaching ultimate chill-out territory. For a little while, at least.

One thought on “Aromatherapy

  1. Kathi

    I am what many people call a pet person. I don't go overboard on it though. Usually only 3-4 at a time.
    My only problem is every one I have stays around so long I don't get the chance to meet and greet a lot of new ones. Most people are amazed when they find out I have cats that are 25-30 years old. My dogs usually make it to 18 to 22 years at best. So we all kind of take care of each other and occasionally we get to bring somebody new into the family also.

    I learned a long time ago about the benefit of aromatherapy, herbal therapy and homeopathy to help the minor little aches and pains for my pets. Especially as the dogs get older, many breeds have the problem with arthritis in their backs or legs. But alternative therapies always seem to help.

    The day always comes though when I must say good-bye to an old friend. After all, at their age they are much older than we humans are. I do everything I can for them while they are with me but sooner or later I must let go for their sake. Alternative therapies can also make this transition to a happier place for them bearable to me also.


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