Chit Chaat

Diary for Thursday, May 21, 2009


Crepes and Coffee

Apple Crepes with Yogurt and Berries

Coffee and Crepes


Leftover sushi and tamagoyaki

Tamagoyaki and Sushi


Three parks with Tim.


Toast, hummus and salad

Hummus, Toast and Salad

Bike Ride

I met up with some former workmates from my office days at FTSE. We met at the Pride of Spitalfields – my favorite pub in East London. I travelled by bike, about 6 miles round trip.

Drinks at Pride of Spitalfields

Sharp’s Doom Bar

Half Pint of Doom Bar

Dinner at Chaat

Too much food to keep track of.

The food at this Bangladeshi cafe was pleasantly non-greasy, though I did think it needed a bit of salt (my companions thought I was nuts). I’ve had better samosas, but the “paneer roti wrap” was fun, the channa salad was pleasantly spiced, and the tarka dal was delicious and garlicky. It doesn’t beat Rasa, and it doesn’t beat my own Indian cooking (if I do say so myself!), but the food was great for the price, the atmosphere was pleasant, and the staff were really nice. Best of all was the company – my friends rule.

Yummy Stuff

Three Hot Samosas!

Paneer Roti Wrap

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