Oh jeez, I’m doing a detox!

I’m just back from a really fantastic weekend of camping and revelry with friends from the Rave Coffee crew in nearby Minchinhampton: two days and two nights largely spent around a campfire or a picnic table engaged in good conversation fuelled by craft beer, barbecue, bread, pickles, cake and coffee (of course!).

One such conversation has inspired me to take on a 21-day detox following Alejandro Junger’s technique outlined in his book, Clean. I know very little about this detox cleanse as of yet, but two friends from Rave are doing it and I’ve decided to tag along for the ride. I’ve been feeling less than awesome for a few months now and try as I may to “get back on track”, I feel a little lost as to what that “track” actually is. I like the idea of having a system and a plan and knowing that there’s a couple other people out there I know doing it, too. (There’s much to be said for the buddy system.)

Today was going to mark my official start but as I’m learning what the cleanse entails, I realise I’m totally unprepared! For example, I am not to eat soy, bananas, tomatoes, eggs or dairy, just a few of many “off limit” foods that are currently taking up space in my kitchen. I am also suppose to eat one solid meal and two “liquid” meals per day. No tomatoes? Liquid food? What’s this all about?

Here’s the idea: Junger’s supposition is that much of the food we eat is toxic. The toxins are stored in our bodies, and our waste systems can’t get rid of them because they’re constantly bombarded with them. The 21-day cleanse is meant to give the body a chance to clean out the toxins and restore the body’s natural ability to heal itself. This means eating an alkaline diet of high pH foods, so certain kinds of vegetables and fruits, plus wild animal protein and gluten-free grains. And obviously, no “toxins”: processed food, dairy, eggs, soy, alcohol or caffeine.

Eating “clean food” is pretty much what I do anyway, but it’s those latter two liquid temptations that will be difficult to avoid. But it’s the effect of those temptations that have me wanting to do something about it. The last year or so has been extraordinary, with weekends (and sometimes weekdays) much in the spirit of the weekend I just had: visiting old friends, meeting new ones, talking endlessly, inspiring each other and, most importantly, celebrating. But at the same time, I do feel a strong sense like my body needs a “break”. So I’m excited about this. I’m excited to have a plan. And I’m excited that the cleanse allows avocados.

Not one to waste food, I’m going to use today to do some planning and to get through those few remaining low pH foods hanging around my kitchen. Tomorrow will mark Day 1 of the cleanse. I sense a lot of Vitamixing in my future!

15 thoughts on “Oh jeez, I’m doing a detox!

  1. Vicki

    I saw your post this morning and have been feeling off as well. So I downloaded the book you recommended and plan on seeing how you do! Like you said it is always nice to have a buddy system, so I will follow along and participate.

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  7. Urvashi

    I was surprised when you said you were doing a detox as your diet is so amazingly healthy anyway. But I see your point re the alcohol and caffeine – slightly ironic this was inspired by Rave Coffee! Anyway. I would like to know how you get on. Not sure I could do it but I might give it a go

    1. Monica Post author

      Such is the illusion. I may seem super healthy on the interwebs, but we all have our vices. Mine is definitely alcohol, and drinking too much leads to eating to much, which is fine once in a while, but I was starting to do it to the point where the negative effects outweighed the fun of the moment. The challenge will be maintaining this current feeling of awesomeness beyond the detox. Which will mean self control. Hard!

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