Easy Yogurt and Jam Popsicles

Blackberry jam popsicles

So I’ve sorta got a thing for frozen things, particularly late at night. And so for this reason, I try not to keep ice cream or sorbet around. Cuz I’ll just eat it, proper American style: in front of the fridge, in my pajamas, with a big spoon. And contrary to recent cheese plates and cake bombs, I do try to generally stay true to this blog’s name in my daily life. So instead of ice cream, I’ve honed a taste for alternative frozen delights like frozen banana and – is this weird? – frozen apple sauce.

But I should shut up about that because it doesn’t sound very fun, and these popsicles are all about being fun, with the added bonus that they remain a justifiable weekday snack that satisfies my incessant craving for frozen goodies.

Back story: my friend Kavey of Kavey Eats does this monthly blog challenge thing called Bloggers Scream for Ice Cream (aka BSFIC).  This month’s challenge is all about ice lollies, aka popsicles, so I thought this was a good reason to branch out from my frozen bananas and do something a little more interesting. It also helped that Kavey was over for a visit the other weekend, and the blackberries were in season, and we picked some, and we made jam. And ta-da, the Yogurt and Blackberry Jam Popsicles were born. They’re totally easy peasy:

Easy Yogurt and Jam Popsicles
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  • Yogurt – I used Greek style but any yogurt will do
  • Jam – I used Kavey’s homemade blackberry jam
  • Port or some other liquor (or water)

  1. Dilute the jam in a bit of port or other complimentary liquid so that it’s “swirlable”
  2. Layer yogurt and jam in a popsicle mould (I did about 1-2cm yogurt in layers with a little dollop of jam)
  3. Swirl the yogurt and jam around a bit with a knife or skewer
  4. Freeze until set


I used Greek style yogurt from the Organic Farm Shop in Cirencester which is VERY thick and also quite tangy, a flavour I really like with the blackberry jam.

Blackberry jam yogurt popsicles

And by the way, if you think frozen applesauce is weird, you should check out Kavey’s Pickleback Ice Lollies.

8 thoughts on “Easy Yogurt and Jam Popsicles

    1. Monica Post author

      Mardi I was totally thinking that. Also I need to do Cassis in the blackcurrant ice cream I made recently. Basically, I just need to use Cassis more in my life. Viva la France!

  1. Kavey

    Hoorah, glad they tasted as good as they looked. We did a fair bit of frozen stuff during our weekend what with the pea ones, the pickle brine ones, these ones and the ice cream!!!

  2. Jes

    Uhh…wait, there’s something wrong with plopping down in front of the fridge with a big ol’ spoon? 😉 Now I know what to do with my copious jars of preserves, though!

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