Feasts from the Freezer

Impromptu Lentil Loaf with Cashew Gravy, and Roasted Cabbage and SpudsRed Beans al FrescoWholemeal Seed Toast with Peanut Butter and BananaWholemeal Seed BreadWholemeal Toast with Fruit and Almond Butter

After the weekend’s dinner party cookery, I wasn’t in the mood to be too ambitious in the kitchen on Monday. So I looked to the freezer, where I thankfully stored loads of leftovers from days gone by: creole red beans, cornbread, green lentils, cashew gravy. Lots of potential.

The red beans and cornbread made for a tasty, quick lunch (it would have been quicker if I could hadn’t bothered to saute some leeks and spinach, but I gotta have my greens!).

Dinner was a surprise hit. I used Mark Bittman’s recipe for the simplest bean burgers and turned it into a loaf with the brown lentils. It was mighty good! And dead simple: lentils, rolled oats, onion, egg, a spoonful of tomato paste, parsley, thyme, sage, salt and pepper. This could be easily veganized with some tofu or “flax eggs” instead of the eggs. It took about 10 minutes to put everything together (mostly due to the fact that I had to thaw the lentils in a pan – it would have been quicker if I took the lentils out of the freezer earlier to thaw).

One quick tip about lentil loaves: mix this stuff with your hands. It’s the best way to really mush up the beans in with the other ingredients and ensure a loaf that isn’t too crumbly.

I’m looking forward to using the leftovers in a sandwich. Meatloaf sandwich anyone?

Food and Exercise Log | Monday, October 13, 2009

Skipping and Such

More Morning Mist

Warmed up in the coooold cold outdoors with a bit of skipping. Then did some pushups, sit-ups, squat thrusts and flex arm hangs.


Wholemeal Toast with Fruit and Almond Butter

Wholemeal Toast with Fruit and Almond Butter


PB and Banana on Toast

Wholemeal Seed Toast with Peanut Butter and Banana


Creole Red Beans, Cornbread, Corn, Sauteed Spinach and Leeks

Red Beans al Fresco


Vegan Cornbread
Creole Red Beans


Curious cows

Post lunch walk around the farm. A little over an hour.


Impromptu Lentil Loaf with Cashew Gravy and Roasted Spuds and Cabbage

Impromptu Lentil Loaf with Cashew Gravy, and Roasted Cabbage and Spuds

3 thoughts on “Feasts from the Freezer

  1. Jes

    You have nothing to complain about scenery-wise! That sunrise picture and the walk picture are stunning! As for the meals, pretty rockin’ too. I’m going to have to check out those easy bean burgers soon, in loaf or burger form.

  2. Katharina

    Your pictures made me get teary-eyed (but not in a bad way). When I was living in Germany I use to go running in the countryside and I run by a similar scenery. It was so beautiful, and to be surrounded by that is a constant reminder of how blessed we are.

    Your food always seems to be made or put together with so much love! 😀


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