Featured Blogger: Sally Parrott Ashbrook

In light of this very merry season, I’ll be featuring members of the blogosphere who are embracing the No Year’s Resolution philosophy (whether they call it that or not). These are people who are taking daily, consistent action to improve their life and be happy. Hopefully they’ll provide you with some inspiration, or if nothing else, an interesting point of view.

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Sally Parrott Ashbrook may be one of the few people out there who lived up to her 2007 New Year’s Resolution: last January she decided to focus on “taking good care of her body through food choices and exercise”. Since then, she went from 203 pounds to 175, and she’s still going.

During this time she also found out she’s crazy-allergic to a whole bunch of food, including dairy, eggs, gluten and casein. She’s been writing about the journey on her blog, Approvchar (her made-up word which means “getting all the pleasure we can out of something, without being greedy or miserly and without going over the edge into excess”). The result is a blog that’s full of wisdom, not only about diet and exercise, but mental health as well.

These days she’s been writing about the holidays. While most articles on baking and celebration would make me cringe with cynicism, Sally manages to write about the “warm fuzzies” without losing her sense of realism:

…there is no sense imbuing [the holidays] with an enormous sense of importance when they are, in fact, just a few days out of my life each year. They don’t have to be the best days, and they don’t have to be the worst days of the year. I have tons of great days when I get to do exactly what I want when I want with the people I want while experiencing only happy emotions. I want the holidays to be my ideal, but without hurting other people (family, primarily), that may not be possible. Part of being an adult is finding healthy boundaries, and that’s not always easy. Do I do what I want, which can make me happy but be selfish? Or do I do what my husband/mother/friend/siblings wants, even if it’s not necessarily easy for me? It’s a balancing act.

What I like best about her blog is her overarching view that we can get pleasure out of life in the face of any obstacle by being fulfilled with what we have. In that way, life’s limitations don’t have to be limiting.

Sally describes this better than I can in her first post. I encourage you to check it out, and the rest of blog. She also takes wonderful photographs of food!

I can reach and maintain a healthy weight by eating foods that taste great and make me feel good. I can reach and maintain a healthy weight not by punishing myself, but by taking joy in taking care of myself.


2 thoughts on “Featured Blogger: Sally Parrott Ashbrook

  1. Sally Parrott Ashbrook

    Thanks for the shout out and compliments; I’m very glad you are enjoying my blog. However, anyone who speaks Spanish would probably take offense to the idea that I made up the word ‘aprovechar,’ since it’s a Spanish verb. 🙂

    And I have to give credit to my husband for my food photos, because he takes most of them.

    I like your blog, as well. It certainly sounds like we have some personality traits in common, like the tortoise and the hare thing–I’m usually a hare! It can serve us well sometimes, but you’re right that it leaves us leaping from thing to thing too often.

  2. monica

    I should have known better regarding “approvcar” – I’m taking Spanish lessons at the moment but this hasn’t hasn’t crept into my vocabulary yet. Thanks for the education. 🙂

    Glad you like the blog! Thank you!


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