Food Discovery: Wine Jelly

Wine Jelly

My neighbors went to Sicily for 10 days and I agreed to dog-sit while they were away. As a thank you, they brought back a nice little assortment of edible goodies including olive pate, pesto, honey and a most peculiar jelly.

Consolation prize

“Gelatina di vino”: wine jelly. Indeed, a spoonful of the stuff tastes much like a gelatinous, gloopy port wine. And like port, it is said to go very well with cheese (Stilton, I suspect), but also with fruit salad.

Fruit salad? How? What? Why? This made little sense to me. And then…


… a couple days ago I roasted a butternut squash with garlic and sumac and have been enjoying it with various salads tossed with balsamic and pomegranate. But today I tried it with some of the wine jelly and it was sooooo tasty.

The jelly had the tartness of a good balsamic with a touch of sweetness that was so perfect with the pomegranate. I can see it with other tart fruits like raspberries or blackberries. It all balanced very nicely with the savoury roasted garlic, squash and peppery rocket leaves. I reckon a few toasted walnuts or pecans would bring this dish to a whole new level.

I see a winter salad trend in my future.

Wine Jelly

I did a Google Search for “con gelatina di vino” and found a few more ideas including, interestingly, some kind of stuffed squash with gruyere. But I’m still curious as to other uses for wine jelly. I don’t eat meat, and I eat very little cheese, so would love to hear more ideas for putting this stuff to good use. Any Sicilians in the audience care to educate me?

2 thoughts on “Food Discovery: Wine Jelly

  1. Jes

    We’re having even more esp-ness, apparently, since I’m sitting at my desk desperately trying to get my work mojo on and all I can think about is what to do with my butternut squash–sumac & garlic sounds **amazing**. I’m going to play with that tonight or tomorrow! Mmm. And the wine jelly sounds really good, actually. I think I’d do what you did with it though, pair with salads, maybe cheese–I bet it’d be delicious on any veggie-filled sandwich, actually. Kind of like the “Thanksgiving Day” sandwiches people make with turkey & cranberry sauce & stuffing and whatever–it’d be like the cranberry sauce element, maybe?

    As for the get-back-on-track, be 100% all the time, it’s really such a struggle. I don’t really know how to tackle it (I’d like to do more freelance work outside of the 8-5..but I’m so tired every night, just want to chill), but I’m hoping that when the house renovations are done, I might get more of a balance.

    Anyway, well, that was long too 🙂 Here’s to Tuesday!

  2. Monica

    Hey Jes – sumac + garlic with b’nut squash is a total win, wine jelly or not. I think your cranberry sauce idea is pretty spot on. Now I’m thinking something with walnuts, wild rice, celery… wheels are turning.

    I know what you mean about being tired at night. The only time I didn’t “suffer” that terribly was when I was off caffeine. Here’s to Tuesday indeed. 🙂


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