Friday Foodie Highs and Lows

Taking a rest weekend from walking and such. Been feeling a bit under the weather and sore in the ankle. But not too sore for food. It was a day of ups and downs in the meal department. Breakfast featured a special treat: creme fraiche. And the afternoon’s tart experiment was fairly successful. But dinner disappointed – I made potato pancakes with red onion instead of yellow onion and it just wasn’t the same. But what can you do? Have dessert I guess!

Food and Exercise Log | Friday, October 16, 2009


Buckwheat crepes with fresh fruit and creme fraiche

Buckwheat Crepes with Fruit and Creme Fraiche

The creme fraiche was a real treat, especially with the raspberries (and a bit of raspberry jam).

Recipe: Buckwheat crepes


Leek and Mushroom Tofu Tart

Tart tasting

A small taste to sample the tart experiment.


Leek and Mushroom Tofu Tart with Bread and Salad

Mushroom and Leek Tofu Tart

I guess the tart passed the test. We had this for lunch with salad and some fresh baked no knead bread.


Tart Infusion #3

Tart snack


Potato pancakes with white bean croquettes and cabbage salad

Potato pancakes, white bean croquettes and cabbage slaw

Kind of disappointed by this meal. The croquettes were too dry. The potato pancakes were not the same with red onion instead of yellow. But the slaw was delicious, as was the tofu dip (with chives, adapted from Veganomicon‘s horseradish and dill dip) and apple sauce and homemade apple sauce.


Potato pancakes (the yellow onion is important!)
Winter Slaw with Red Cabbage, Apples and Pecans

6 thoughts on “Friday Foodie Highs and Lows

  1. Sagan

    That tart looks so delicious. I’ve made the spinach and mushroom quiche from 101 Cookbooks before and its FANTASTIC, but I bet this one would be equally as good and not take as long to make!

  2. kathryn

    Your tart looks amazing Monica. When I saw the first photo I was startled at how small your serving was. Then I realised it was a snack-sized post-cooking “taste”. Very important part of the cooking process!


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