Garden Update: End of an Era

Clay oven no more

A few months ago, something sad happened on the way to the clay oven: it imploded.

Clay oven implosion

What can I say? It was version one. And it was a wet winter. But this was supposed to be a garden update, so why bring up the sad demise of the clay oven?

Well, after months of letting it languish in a pile in the garden, I finally made peace and relocated the oven to the potholes in the cattle yard. Still, what remained was a table and a whole lotta bricks, so I decided to use them for good.

The bricks went towards putting in a small raised bed against a ne’er used gate along the garden wall.

Garden situation

The clay oven table is now supporting trays for rocket, salad and herbs.

For herbs and such

I’m pleased with the oven’s rebirth. And it really IS a rebirth. Rocket is already sprouting in the trays, as is the perpetual spinach in the raised bed, and I’ve gotta believe the garlic and radishes are making headway beneath the soil in the new brick-lined bed.

Meanwhile, indoors, I’ve got loads of sprouting going on: cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, yellow onions, spring onions, purple sprouting broccoli, lettuces… some are just starting to show signs of their first “true” leaves.

Not all joy

Now, I wait. Everything looks a bit… empty at the moment. I’m looking forward to the beds filling up with greenery and yummy veg.

4 thoughts on “Garden Update: End of an Era

  1. Nome

    Thanks for your comment yesterday, Monica. Means a lot. I know I don't comment round here often but I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog and tweets and other various writings! I really admire your busy freelancing lifestyle! And your lovely garden! What I'd give for space like that…

  2. Choclette

    Sad to hear about your clay oven, but glad you've managed to turn it into a positive. I've been looking at your pictures of large garden and trying very hard not to feel envious. It looks like a lovely spot.

  3. mangocheeks

    I'm so so sorry to read about your clay oven implosion. You must be gutted?! I know I woudl have been. Its good to read that you have given it a new lease of life though. Enjoyed having a peep at your green space and what your growing. As I am due to be moving, I am hardly growing this year, in fact I've barely been growing since the loss of my allotment plot 🙁

    Give those seedlings a little tickle from me 🙂


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