Gearing Up for the Country

I’m back in the US for a spell, currently living it up in Chicago. My trips to the States always seems to necessitate a concurrent trip to the local REI. What brought me there this time?

Ever since moving to the countryside, I’ve been thinking about backpacking in the Cotswolds. My recent trip to Switzerland convinced me that I need to get on this whole backpacking thing asap, so today I made the plunge and bought a pack.

My choice? The REI Flash 65:


The Flash 65 was Backpacker Magazine’s 2009 Editor’s Choice Pack and I’m excited to see how I fair on my first expedition. Stay tuned for a review…

2 thoughts on “Gearing Up for the Country

  1. Amy

    I just got 2 of the Flash 18 packs for me & hubby, after a recommendation from a podcaster for ZenTri ( I’ve only used mine on the bike so far, but it is GREAT – much better than the little draw-string knapsack I was using for my commute. I love the chest & waist straps, and that it’s got a place/pocket for a hydration system. Good stuff 🙂

  2. Monica Shaw

    Amy, I’m so glad to hear you like your packs – I just got back the UK and can’t wait to put mine to use. You’ve reminded me – I need to get a hydration thingy. Ooh, and thanks for pointing me to ZenTri – looks great! I subscribed to the podcast and am going to have a listen today.


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