Get Hard Without Weights or the Gym

Several months ago I quit the gym (fitness should be free, right?). While I can still get all the cardio I want from cycling and swimming, I do feel like I miss out on resistance exercise. So how do I get a good strength training workout without a room full of barbells and free weights?

Pick the Brain just posted a strength-training workout that you can do at home without weights with a link to a training program. The workout is based around pull-ups, push-ups and squats.

Now I’m faced with a common problem: there’s no way in hell I can do a pull-up. So how do I workout my back without free weights or a barbell? Any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Get Hard Without Weights or the Gym

  1. Tim

    Pull-ups. Build back & arms muscles. Doorway pull-up bars or any surface where you can hang from work. If you can’t do one rep with correct pull-up technique: use momentum, ask someone to help you or use a resistance band to assist you on the way up.

    Seems like a pullup thing and a resistance band might be in order.


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