Goodbye sweet Jay

Goodbye sweet Jay

After many months of trial, error, guilt and indecision, I finally decided that Jay would do better with a more experienced dog owner. It was with a heavy heart and a lot of tears that I dropped Jay off at his new home yesterday, but in the end I believe I did what’s best, both for me and the dog.

Going through all of this has been a long process, and I don’t really feel like rehashing all of the emotions from recent weeks. If you wish to read some of the story, you can read my posts / discussions on the pet forums:

As hard as this has been, I do believe Jay is in a better place. He’s gone full circle, from Brecon and Cardiff in South Wales, to me in Wiltshire, to his new home in North Wales.

North Wales Jay's new home

Seeing his new home, a small rescue on a nice farm overlooking the hills, helped put me at ease that I was doing right by this dog. I truly believe that the people there will help Jay overcome is issues and rise to his full potential. They already have an owner lined up for after Jay’s been through his training and rehabilitation.

A while ago I asked if dogs were the secret to lifelong health and happiness. After six months with Jay, I think there might be something to it. But I think there’s also something to choosing the right dog that fits your lifestyle and experience. Jay and I weren’t right for each other, but just like Jay has (hopefully) found a new place that’s right for him, I hope there’s a dog out there that’s right for me.

But first I’m going to take a good long while to get over Jay, focus on my own well-being, and get my life back in order before I consider another dog again.

A few thank-yous to some special people who have helped me deal:

  • To the marvellous marvellous people on and I have never before experienced such kindness and support from such a phenomenal group of total strangers.
  • To Happy Days Animal Rescue for taking in Jay and giving him a new lease on life
  • To Barbara Sykes of Mainline Border Collie Centre for her support in training and rehoming Jay
  • To Rachel from True Canine for her tireless emails and phone calls
  • To my mom and sis for their listening, and sharing their own stories of animal training through their horses
  • To Tim who is always there for me

3 thoughts on “Goodbye sweet Jay

  1. Mom

    Monica, you know how much I LOVE Jay, a great big heart and a tender one at that fills his chest. I have been sad to think Jay is leaving our lives, but I KNOW he will be a source of tremendous JOY to his new family. He has all the ingredients… he just needs an experienced, confident hand to lead him. He was such an exuberant boy… with a boundless spirit. In this world, it takes the right kind of home for one like him. Magnificent Jay, dear Jay, lovable Jay, beautiful Jay… I will never forget him.

  2. Katy

    I'm so pleased to read that a rescue has been able to help you with Jay. Your post on Dogpages absolutely demonstrated the love you feel for him, and also the personal cost to you in making the very hard decision to rehome. Thank you for caring, above and beyond so many other dog owners. I hope that thefuture brings good things for Jay and also to you. I know that when you are ready, there will be a dog to suit you and your family, out there somewhere.


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