Grilled Tofu Kebabs with Muhammara Slather

Tofu kebabs waiting for their Muhammara slather

I’m trying a new blogging technique: quick posts. Why? Because one is better than zero, and I’ve been hard pressed for time these past few weeks. (Who ever thought that living in the countryside would be so busy? The upshot: it’s a good sign that I’m getting some good work done.)

But back to my point: tofu kebabs. This was a first for me – Heidi’s Favorite Grilled Kabob recipe is now one of my favorites, too. The secret is in the sauce: her Muhammara “slather”, a Middle Eastern spread made with toasted walnuts and roasted red pepper (among other things), is phenomenal. I’ll let her explain:

The great thing about it (in addition to how it tastes) is that it’s multi-purpose spread, slather, sauce, dip, etc, that can deliciously accent not only kabobs, but many of your favorite dishes. Toasted walnuts round out the flavor of the beautiful red pepper base, and a rich splash of sweet pomegranate molasses lends a subtly sweet backnote to the red chiles. I suspect this is a traditional recipe that bends to the taste of the cook preparing it – my version is lighter on the cumin and red peppers than some of the other recipes you might come across. You can easily make it thicker or thinner depending on how you are going to use it.

Heidi’s kebabs consist of tofu, lemon, onion and mushrooms. For lack of mushrooms I used eggplant instead. It was super easy – just skewer the veggies, apply oil and salt, then grill. The Muhammara gets added at the end. I served the kebabs and sauce with grilled corn and whole wheat no knead bread. This is what vegan cooking is all about: good, wholesome food that’s not pretending to be anything but delicious.

Recipe: Tofu Kabobs with Muhammara Slather

Tofu kebabs with Muhammara slather

3 thoughts on “Grilled Tofu Kebabs with Muhammara Slather

  1. Sagan

    I had my first *real* foray with tofu at breakfast on the weekend. Whatever the restaurant did to it, they did it REALLY GOOD. The key is all in the marinade, I guess!

    The corn on the cob has me drooling.


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