Grocery List Templates For Healthy People

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Download: Excel or PDF

The trouble with existing grocery store templates is that they all include foods that are off the radar for us smarter-fitter folk. No offense to lovers of fish sticks and soda pop, it’s just that people like me don’t want this stuff on our grocery lists. The problem isn’t that we don’t eat corn chips or tater tots. It’s that we don’t want to be reminded that corn chips and tater tots are within an aisle’s reach, and so are sour cream, shredded cheese, ketchup and mayonnaise.

To save you time, calories and money, I bring you the Super Ultimate Grocery List Template. This grocery list will help you to

    • Stay fit by shopping for healthy, whole food
    • Keep track of the foods you need
    • Make shopping faster
    • Make sure you never forget an item
    • Save money by avoiding impulse purchases and expensive, pre-packaged processed food


UltimateGroceryListVeggieStyle_A4.xls.jpgIt’s available as a PDF and Excel spreadsheet. All cells are editable, so just add and delete items as you see fit. Then keep a copy on the fridge or in your wallet and use it to track the items you need so you’ll never forget to buy tomatoes, or be reminded to visit the Easy Cheese aisle.

Download the Super Ultimate Grocery List Template below:

US Letter: Excel or PDF
A4: Excel or PDF

Note: I made this list with me in mind, so you won’t find any meat here. Is this a problem? Any other thoughts or suggestions? Let me know what you think in the comments.

28 thoughts on “Grocery List Templates For Healthy People

  1. Jason

    I like it. I would add a checkbox beside each one so I could print off a few dozen of them and stick them all to the fridge like a big post-it note stack. Then I could see which items I was actually out of versus what’s not, but all while seeing the whole list so I could choose to buy more milk even if I wasn’t out. And not have to see Cheese-its on the list. And not have to print another for a while.

  2. monica

    @Jason – good idea on the checkboxes, I’ll work on that and let you know when it’s done. Ditto for me on the Cheeze-Its. Man, I used to be addicted to those things.

    @Real – you’re welcome!

    @Cube – Unfortunately? Depends on the“ rel=”nofollow”>vending machine.

    @johnac – Now THAT’s an AWESOME idea. I bit of a bigger project but I love it. I’ll do it. Stay tuned!

  3. ML Harris

    Soy is healthy and beef is not? I have stumbled upon vegetarians, vegans and raw foodists. More power to you, but is there a low carb, protein power version?

  4. Natalie

    I like it, *sigh* but I can’t afford fresh food outside of some bananas or apples each week. It’s ok though, having a bare cupboard tends to make me realise I don’t REALLY need something to eat most of the time.

  5. dave

    Ok, I’ll admit that I will never, ever, ever use this list as is. Yeah, it’s the lack of meat on the list (and tempeh, I had to look that one up). But! This is a good idea that I hadn’t thought of before. I think I’ll follow Leslie’s advice and make it a Google Doc so my wife and I can make our own list together while at our respective workplaces.

  6. Chris

    great list! I would say this to help curb impulse buys.
    Eat before you shop. my wife and i along with the kids will go out to eat somewhere before we shop. I feel you shop smarter when you are not hungry

  7. Matt

    Most Soy products on the Market come from Genetically Modified soy beans and Soy is heavily subsidized by the US government .

    Id rather have grass fed organic meat any day .

  8. monica

    @matt – that’s true about soy, i forget about that living in the UK. we don’t like GMO anything here. it’s also worth mentioning in that vein that most soy products are highly processed into weird bad things Textured Vegetable Protein, Boca Burgers, Veggie Bacon, etc. That’s why my list limits these soy products to tofu and tempeh. All of our other protein comes mostly from beans. Given the choice between SoyDogs and Meat, yes I’d agree grass-fed meat is better.

  9. Dottie

    Monica… the list looks GREAT! I can think of a few items I’d add, but that’s the beauty of your list, it can be customized and modified. I do like the “check box” suggestion a lot. And would probably add spices to the list. I appreciate that you included pet and baby items.

    And maybe some people could use a reminder to pick up condoms under the “personal care” category! Tee hee….

  10. monica

    Colleen: Don’t get me wrong, I do like Boca Burgers and used to eat them by the box-full. However, they do contain lots of processed stuff like “soy protein concentrate” and artificial flavors. How “bad” this stuff is mostly a matter a subjective opinion (though there’s probably some research out there to attach some facts to this). Nowadays, I try to limit my diet to whole foods (which is why I’ve been looking for a boca-like burger recipe). I’m sure a boca burger won’t kill me, but I’d rather eat food where I can identify all of the foods listed in the ingredients!

  11. Chattypatty6

    Thanks for the great list. It really helped my family to stay organized and make shopping trips much speedier!

  12. Afton

    I’m trying to download the xls version of the list, but the link isn’t working. Could you please repost or email it to me? Thank you!

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