Healthy Cooking for One

Tim’s in London this weekend, so I’m left to fend for myself. When it’s just me, I’m less ambitious in the kitchen – somehow cooking is far less rewarding if I have no one to share it with. But this is where having a well stocked freezer comes in handy. Today I uncovered some samosas, lentil dal and a tasty black bean burger from the depths of the ice box, which helped make lunch and dinner both fast and delicious.

Of course, I couldn’t escape my true nature – even on my own I still love to cook. So to comfort my solo self, I made a runner bean casserole that seriously rocked my world. Click here for the recipe, or read on for my Saturday life diary.

Food and Exercise Log | Saturday, September 20, 2009


Vegan buckwheat crepes with fruit and tofu “cream”

Breakfast Crepes with Fresh Fruit and Tofu "Cream"

Recipe: Vegan buckwheat crepes


Thames Path

What a beautiful morning. A little over 4 miles through Lower Moor Farm and along the Thames Path.


Banana and peanut butter crepe with raspberries

Buckwheat Crepe with Banana & PB


Samosas with lentil dal, apple chutney, carrot coconut chutney and raw veggies

Samosas al fresco

Lunch al fresco! These are some baked samosas I made last week then stashed in the fridge. One is filled with spiced lentils, the other a more traditional potato filling. The lentil dal is an old favorite.

Recipe: Red lentil dal with panch phoran


Black bean and sweet potato burger with runner bean casserole and cabbage salad

Black bean and sweet potato burger

The burger is made with sweet potato, quinoa and black beans, then topped with a tofu-based mayonaisse (Mark Bittman’s "Veganaisse"). The cabbage salad is a simple combo of cabbage, carrot, parsley, chives, lemon juice, salt and pepper. The runner bean casserole is like a fancy version of green bean casserole, and the star of the meal!


Lentil Quinoa Sweet Potato Burger (but with black beans instead of lentils)
Runner bean casserole


A sliver of apple pie and a spoonful of coconut ice cream

Just a sliver...

Vegan apple pie – and I made it myself!

4 thoughts on “Healthy Cooking for One

  1. Jes

    Yay for apple pie 🙂

    I’m really excited about making the buckwheat crepes soon. I’ve just started dating a gluten intolerant guy so I’m trying to come up with delicious gluten free recipes–those will be perfect for brunch next weekend!

    And the walk looks beautiful!

  2. Monica Shaw

    Jes – let me know how the crepes go. Word of advice: make sure you add more water or soymilk if the crepes are coming out too thick. I also find that they turn out better if I brown them a little on both sides, then fill them, then return them to the pan for a bit to warm the filling and continue crisping the crepe edges.

    Nachos – I was so full by that point that I wasn’t really in the mood for dessert. Yet at the same time I wanted to taste the pie. What a dilemma!


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