Heart rate training day 10: frustrating…

1. I’m getting much better at just getting out and running. So now I’ve got to just give myself over to trusting the programme.

2. Trusting the programme is hard right now because it is really frustrating running at 153bpm. Looking back through these blog entries so far I realise it has only been 6 runs so must remain relaxed. The impatience is building though.

So, writing about this is helping me deal with the frustration and impatience by making me realise how short the time has been in the grand scheme of things. And I must look forward though at least another 14 weeks of training and think of that as simply the beginning, as a starting point for a larger goal is to find a way of running and a mind set that I can maintain for several years rather than several months or even several weeks.

Right, I’ve probably talked enough in this series about how hard frustrating the beginnings of this programme have been so here I shall quit my complaining and I’ll let you know when things are looking up again. In the mean time I’m going to get into reading and researching heart rate training so I can bring you some informative, rather than emotive, articles.

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