Heart rate training day 7: a 5km jog

Well, today I was a bit tired and while I wasn’t hung over, let’s just say I had a couple of beers last night. I decided that I just wanted to run and not bother with constantly checking my heart rate.

I strapped on the HRM and headed out at a slow and steady pace focused on keeping my breathing easy and not paying much attention to my heart rate.

I jogged the 5km, didn’t walk up any hills, and averaged a heart rate of 158bpm, that’s 5 above my target recovery ceiling.

I wont stick with this method of running to heart rate because it just doesn’t work yet but I’m looking forward to being able to do that in a few weeks when I am fitter, there’s something satisfying about going for a run and not having to slow down to a walk every 10 minutes.

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