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I spent my Sunday rearranging the office, hoping a change-up might help my creative juices flow more readily. And besides, the office was looong overdue for a tidy. Next step is to hang some stuff on the wall and work out better lighting. I’d also like a coffee table. But that’s a job for another weekend. For the next while I must the office for what it is intended: working in. But hey that’s life, and I can’t complain too much when I’ve got a nice, refreshed space to work in.


Until recently I was sharing the office; my desk is shown on the right, facing the wall – not ideal. You may also notice that the couch was blocking access to the closet (double doors on the right).

Pimp my Office


Now, with the office to myself, I could take over the window, and the room. ย The benefit to this new arrangement is that I’m sitting right next to the window and looking into the room and the rest of the house. Great Feng Shui that is! The couch is also facing the windows which is nice. Not sure about the office chair near the guitar, but that’s where it seems to fit. Today was a dark, rainy day so the pictures are a bit drab, but I hope it gets the idea across:

I've rearranged the office

I've rearranged the office

In case you’re wondering, I use autopan pro for the photo stitches. It’s awesome.

2 thoughts on “Home Office Before and After

  1. Nome

    What a beautiful room! You're very lucky. A coffee table table is definitely needed, for those gazing-out-the-window-pondering-with-coffee moments.


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