Homemade Chapatis

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Chapatis are an Indian flatbread, much like a flour tortilla, and are typically eaten with dal and curries. As these are two of my favorite foods, I’ve been pretty keen to learn how to make chapatis on my own. Plus, they’re a pretty good substitute for flour tortillas. Tacos here I come!

Homemade ChapatisSo far, my experiments with home-cooked chapatis have been average at best. I don’t have a gas stove OR a cast iron skillet – two kitchen tools that are pretty darn helpful in firing up a surface HOT enough to cook the chapatis on. Instead, I’ve been using an electric stove and a non-stick pan. The chapatis are certainly edible enough, but I can never get them to puff up to the pillow-like proportions that the recipes describe.

Today I learned a trick from Mark Bittman: use the grill! Mark Bittman has a recipe and video that demonstrates how to cook chapatis on an outdoor grill. For lack of an outdoor grill, I decided to try it for myself using the stove’s grill setting (equivalent to a broiler), and turning the heat up as high as it goes. It worked marvelously! It was so exciting watching them puff up in the oven. They looked just like Mark’s and tasted fab with my lentil dal.

Grilled Chapatis Recipe
Grilled Chapatis Viedo

2 thoughts on “Homemade Chapatis

  1. ff

    I’m always curious as to how these work without the addition of oil. Are they soft enough to make wraps with? Thanks!

  2. Monica Shaw

    I wouldn’t call this wrap-able, but part of that is due to the grilling – when you grill chapatis they come out a bit crispy. You could try grilling them for a shorter time, or cooking them on the stove on a hot pan. Even without the oil, they ARE delicious, not dry at all.


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