How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

skitched-20080529-202622.jpgWe Monica’s sure know our stuff. Over at, nutritionist Monica Reinagel is guest-blogging about how to stretch your food dollar while keeping your grocery list happy and healthy. She shares some great tips, such as

Don’t pay a premium for convenience: Save money by washing your own lettuce, peeling your own carrots, slicing your own cheese, and chopping your own onions.


Skip the Kits: Pass on the meal kits or already prepared drinks (iced tea, lemonade). Make your own and save.

and my favorite

Go meatless once or twice a week: Meat is one of the costliest items so save money (and boost your health) by enjoying a vegetarian meal.

Her cheap and healthy grocery list includes beans, whole grains, greens, cabbage and canned tomatoes.

Yeah, we’re all about the beans here at casa del SmarterFitter. Here’s our bonus tip: buy in bulk. Especially when it comes to beans, grains, nuts and dried fruits.

Food Glorious Food. [MizFit]

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