How to Write Recipe Instructions

I know some of our readers are into writing recipes. Here is a concise article that has a few good tips on recipe writing, not that you guys need it.

Order. List all ingredients in order of use.

Measurements. Use measurements that will help cooks shop. Say “1 medium onion, chopped,” for example, and not “1 cup chopped onion.”

Advance preparation. Alert cooks to anything that must be done ahead. If onions must be chopped, butter softened, or chicken cut into pieces, tell cooks in the ingredients list instead of at the point where that particular ingredient will be used.

How to Write a Cookbook: Recipes [Suite 101]

One thought on “How to Write Recipe Instructions

  1. Rory

    Top of my list of recipe frustrations are when people use measurements that are not. eg 1 tin of X, 1 packet of Y or 1 Z as long as a piece of string….


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