If you eat at restaurants and care about the web…

Then please fill out this quick survey about restaurant websites:
How Customers Use Restaurant Websites.png
This is for for a piece I’m writing for a restaurant industry trade magazine about best practices for restaurant websites. I’m trying to get the diner’s perspective on things.
Thanks for this. Your statistic is most appreciated! Stay tuned for the results…

2 thoughts on “If you eat at restaurants and care about the web…

  1. rita munn

    Dear Monica,
    I do not know if you will remember, accordingly I will refresh your memory. I am Michael and Matthew's mom. I am eager to ask you some cooking questions about a bakery (supposedly the smallest bakery in the world). This bakery is located in the Cotswolds in a town called Wolvercote Village. I have spoken with the baker but I am hoping you will know more.
    Thank you for your time. I absolutely love your website and each time you 'cook' I want to jump into the picture and sample what you have prepared. Oh yes the name of the bakery is Love's Loaves.
    rita munn

  2. Monica

    Hi Rita, of course I remember you. =) Wolvercote Village is about an hour east of me just outside of Oxford. I'd never heard of it – or the bakery – but thank you for bringing it to my attention. I found their website at loveloaves.biz and they have quite an interesting business – "We started baking in our own kitchen, then converted our out-house into a bake-house that measures just 2 x 2 metres. We sell our bread through The Post Box, the local village store, which is close enough for us to literally walk across the street to deliver our crates of hot bread every morning, as well as through The Town Garden near the centre of Oxford." They also teach people how to bake bread at home. How did you hear of them?


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