I’m in The Foodie Bugle

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The Foodie Bugle is a relatively new online magazine devoted to good food and drink. I like it because it’s a bit different from the usual chef worship and recipe extravaganza that most food blogs go for. Instead, The Foodie Bugle has a more diverse range of articles about food producers, gourmet travel, cookbooks and cookery schools.

I was thrilled this week that The Foodie Bugle chose not one, but two of my submissions to be included in their latest issue, along with some of my food photography. Both pieces are about cookery schools I’ve attended with Rachel Demuth’s Vegetarian Cookery School, one in Bath, the other in France. Please check them out and leave comments if you’re so inclined:

One thought on “I’m in The Foodie Bugle

  1. Katharina

    Oh how exciting, and congratulations! Your pictures are always incredible and you have such great insight on food, how could they not select your submissions? And I'll be checking out those cooking schools you mention in this post 😀

    xo, best of luck on your new adventure!


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