Is fructose fueling the obesity epidemic?


It’s a bad week for the Corn Refiners Association. First, the Center for Science in the Public Interest slammed the CFA’s PR campaign to convince susceptible consumers that high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is “natural”. Now, a new study suggests that fructose-based sweeteners, including HFCS, may be worse for your health than other sweeteners.

Scientists at UC-Davis tested the impact of fructose against other sugars by studying 33 overweight individuals, half of which received a quarter of the their calories from fructose and the other half from glucose.

The findings show that both groups put on the same amount of weight, around 3.3 lb, over the 20 week experiment.

However, while those eating high amounts of fructose accumulated fat around their middle, in the glucose group extra weight was spread across the body.

Previous studies have shown that people with “pot-belly” fat are at greater risk for developing heart disease and diabetes.

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