Weird Wednesday: Jelbert’s Ice Cream Extreme

Ice cream at Jelbert'sIce cream at Jelbert's

Hmm, I think my  new goal should be to blog frequently enough so that I don’t have two Weird Wednesday posts in a row. But that’s the way it is this week, and today I bring you another Cornish delight: Jelbert’s Ice Cream. The photo isn’t the only weird part of this post: Jelbert’s serves their ice cream in a very special way. They make only one flavour: vanilla (homemade on the premises). Now here’s the weird part: they serve it topped with a splooge of clotted cream. That’s not just weird, it’s totally extreme. And surprisingly, it works. Jelbert’s ice cream isn’t terribly rich, but the clotted cream more than makes up for it.

Ice cream at Jelbert's

And for bonus weirdness: Jelbert’s doesn’t even have a website. They don’t need one. They have been around decades and are a Newlyn institution with oodles of fans. Their signage reflects two things: (1) their age and (2) how good they must be to have stuck around this long without ever updating their shop.


Ice cream at Jelbert's

3 thoughts on “Weird Wednesday: Jelbert’s Ice Cream Extreme

  1. Cookers

    I personally find vanilla rather ho-hum. But my hubby, on the contrary, loves it. I think I am going to be fine though because of the clotted cream. We will make sure to try this if ever we find ourselves in Newlyn.


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