Life Logging: Working out without equipment

I’m trying to get back into strength training. So far, I haven’t been working with a set “plan”, per se. My only plan is to do some strength training three times per week. Now, I’d really love to have a set routine, but right now I’m working with minimal equipment and a bit of cluelessness about how to go about getting strong without weights or the gym. So I’m learning, one exercise at a time, and hobbling together “workouts” hoping that I’ll eventually have a good base of exercises I can form a real routine from. We’ll see.

In any event, I had a really nice floor workout Sunday morning, doing simple stuff like push-ups and single-leg squats. I must have done something right because I was pretty sore this morning (in a good way). Overall, I’m encouraged. I’ve only been at it a few weeks but I think the exercises are helping my swimming and my shin splints (the whole reason I started this was to strengthen my legs, ass and core so that I don’t put too much strain on my knees). I’m also having fun learning new exercises like burpees and toe taps.

Exercise – fun? And free? How cool is that?

Life Log for Sunday, April 5, 2009


Bircher muesli with bananas and yogurt

Bircher Muesli and Rooibos Earl Grey

Stretching and Strengthening


Two turns around Clissold Park with Tim.


Flageolet bean “pate” with sundried tomatoes, sprouts and salad

Sundried Tomato and Flageolet Bean "Pate"


Veggie pizza on a spelt crust with salad

And a glass (or two) of fairly average red wine (and yet still more than drinkable).

Pizza and Salad

3 thoughts on “Life Logging: Working out without equipment

  1. Lance

    Hi Monica,
    It seems like squats, in any form, are the one exercise that I’m most likely to feel sore from the next day! Reminds me…I haven’t been sore in a while. And, I’m reminded of how easy this can be – as in you don’t need equipment.

    I love your square bowl – I’m so used to round bowls, seeing the square one here, everytime, it intrigues me…


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