Meals that Inspire

Hazelnut Sponge with Port Poached Figs and Lemon Mascarpone

While mom and I were in Bath getting scary news and buying funny shoes, we took a break for a lovely meal at Demuths vegetarian restaurant. I always love going to Demuths when I’m in Bath, and this was no exception.

Mom had the deli plate to start, a selection of pesto, hummus, and aubergine pate with a nice fresh salad and paper-thin flatbread. Really nice and refreshing.

Demuth's Deli Plate

I was in need of a comforting bowl of soup: leek and potato.

Potato and leek soup

Mom’s main was a surprise. “Aloo gobi”, but sort of deconstructed.

Aloo Gobhi

I went with the Cannellini Bean Bruschetta with roasted carrots on sourdough, also a surprise. Loved this – I can totally see myself trying this at home (a gentle reminder to get back on my sourdough regime).

Cannellini Bean Bruschetta

The true inspiration, however, was the dessert: Hazelnut Sponge with Port Poached Figs and Lemon Marscapone.

Hazelnut Sponge with Port Poached Figs and Lemon Mascarpone

I think it was the figs that sold us, because right after lunch, we went to Waitrose and picked up a pack of figs to poach our own. The result: port poached figs with ginger ice cream:

Port-poached figs with ginger ice cream

You could open a restaurant around this dessert; it was that good.

The poached figs were simple to make – two cups of port, one cup of water, 250g figs. Simmer it all for a good long time, until the liquid reduces to a nice thick syrup. Serve with a drizzle of good balsamic if desired.

The ginger ice cream is a recipe I found in the Times and is one of my favourites.

The port poached figs are kind of a revelation, I could see them working with savoury dishes too, for example, Oven Roasted Port Poached Figs with Cashel Blue Cheese or Poached Figs and Gorgonzola Crostini. Or just a salad with the figs, stilton and some toasted walnuts.

I love meals that inspire.

2 thoughts on “Meals that Inspire

  1. Mom

    Loved this post, Monica, and remembering that special meal, a pause that refreshed and sustained us. GREAT food…. beautiful combinations of flavors. And look where it took us, to your amazing ginger ice cream and poached figs, a most heavenly combo.

  2. Jes

    Oh goodness, all those plates look spectacular–and since I'm going to be in Bath in December I'm definitely adding Demuths to my list!


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