Meindl Walking Boots Review

Meindl MFS Himalaya Boots

There is nothing worse that slogging through a three day hike wearing wet boots. Besides the obvious discomfort wet boots imply the water softens up your feet and then they get torn up pretty bad. This was my experience while walking in the Lake District last year. The same boots let me down again when hiking in NZ.

Time to get some new boots.

My priority was to get waterproof boots. Boots that I could, basically, go swimming in.

I’ve now had my new Meindl Himalaya boots long enough to review them.

I love these boots.

First walk I wore them on, an 18km hike around a muddy winter route in the Chilterns, I experienced no blisters or rubbing. I attribute the comfort to the MFS system.

We just got back from Scotland where I walked 5 full days. We had 4 high level walks, over 1000m, and a low level lake circuit. The boots did not leak during the low level walk with tracks akin to small streams and a nice fording of a frisky mountain stream where I had both boots in ankle deep rushing water. I went out of my way to walk through as much water as possible to give them a good work out. Dry feet. Bliss!

The boots stayed comfy and dry all trip with only a small rub on my lower shin that I fixed with a different lacing system.

I can’t recommend these boots enough. They weren’t cheap but dry feet == heaven.


4 thoughts on “Meindl Walking Boots Review

  1. Michael Ewing

    I was interested in your comments on the Meindl Himalaya boots. I am debating whether to get a similar hiking boot by Meindl that is not insulated or pay a little more and get a pair with 200 gr. of Thinsulate. Are your boots insulated?



  2. Tim

    Hi Michael,

    they’re not insulated AFAIK and I’ve not been in the snow with them. I’ve been in a lot of rain and they’re still unassailably waterproof.


  3. Peter Friswell

    What phenomenal customer service!

    Approximately 10 years ago I bought a pair of Meindl boots. Although I don’t do a great deal of walking they have always proved to be very comfortable and sturdy.

    After a recent walk, I noticed that the sole on both boots was starting to break down. I contacted the UK agents, and they agreed to have a look at them for me. A couple of days later, I had an e-mail pointing out that the boots were 10 years old however, they offered to send them back to the manufacturers for a resole which would cost me £51.38.

    I have just had the boots returned to me, complete with new laces and shiny new soles.

    If you are in the market for a good quality boot that is going to last a long time and also want the comfort that should something go wrong the manufacturers will deal with the problem I cannot recommend Meindl high enough.


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