Minimalist Car Camping Checklist


Tim and I have rented a car and at this moment we are packing up for ten days of camping on England’s southwest coast. As opposed to our trip to California, where we crafted the Ultimate Car Camping Checklist, this time we’re trying to keep it pretty light. Lo and behold, the Minimalist Car Camping Checklist was born!

I’m sure I’ll be adding or removing items throughout the following day/week/months as we discover all the obvious things we forgot or realize that we didn’t really need fresh underwear after all (not bloody likely!). I’ll keep the following Google Document published with any updates:

Google Docs - All items-1.jpg Minimalist Car Camping Checklist

Here’s where we’re at as of 9:19AM. Any obvious omissions? The minimalist car camping checklist is surprisingly long!

Minimalist Car Camping Checklist

Cooking Supplies

* Knife
* Pots and pans
* Cup
* Plates
* Cutting board
* Cutlery
* Baggies
* Wet wipes
* Sponge and soap for washing up
* Dish towels (2)
* Camp stove (we like the MSR Pocket Rocket)
* Gas for camp stove
* Lighter


* Wind/waterproof wear
* Thermal underwear
* Wool socks
* Bathing suit
* Towel
* Warm hat, gloves, scarf
* Warm fleece
* Underwear
* Sunhat
* Gaiters

Camping Gear

* Tent
* Sleeping bags
* Thermarest air mattress

Campsite Accouterments

* Headlamps
* Flashlight
* Lighter
* Platapus water bag
* Garbage bags
* Picnic blanket (preferably with a waterproof bottom)
* Bugspray/Insect Repellent

Personal Items

* Toilet Paper
* Sunglasses
* First aid kit
* Toothbrush/toothpaste
* Nail clippers
* Lip balm
* Face wash
* Hand/body soap
* Sunscreen
* Camera
* Diary/pen
* Field/travel guides
* Maps
* Vitamins
* A good book

Extra stuff for off-campsite activities

* Camelback
* Daypack
* Mountain/Road bike and cycling kit
* Hiking boots/shoes

Car Stuff

* Inverter
* Road atlas
* Campsite Directory
* Emergency Car Kit

4 thoughts on “Minimalist Car Camping Checklist

  1. Amy

    Sanitizer gel comes in really handy, and a couple of bandanas each can serve many, many uses. Don’t forget the charger/spare battery/spare memory card for the camera. If the weather will be cooperative, I also like to take a small sky chart to see what will be visible. Also, since you’re car camping, don’t forget to bring lightweight/cheap flipflops for the showers (unless perhaps they’re cleaner over there?).


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