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When I use to live in London and work in the City, I used to commute by bicycle. I didn’t think about it so much then, but those bike rides were a very valuable part of my day. Fitness aside, they were a great way to clear my head – especially at the end of a long day – and rejuvenate me from the workday slog. I know, commuting can be a drain, but for me in London, commuting by bicycle kept me sane, and offered a baseline level of fitness that I could count on every day.

Now that I live where I do and work from home, I try to get out for a walk once a day to achieve the same effect as my former commute. Nothing strenuous; just a stroll around the surrounding fields and meadows to restart the engines and keep me from atrophying in my desk chair.

Orchids Little Guys Clattinger Farm

A side effect to all of this is that I’ve started taking notice of the tiny changes that occur as the seasons pass. At the moment, I’m really enjoying the wildness of the fields, all overgrown, dotted with yellow flowers and dandelions.

Yesterday I took my camera with me and found lots of these tiny changes in the form of little bugs, including the return of the grasshoppers (which I affectionately call “little guys”)…

Little Guy

… and what I think is a narrow-bordered five-spot burnet moth:

Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet... I think

Oddly, like my London commute, I often find it a chore to peel myself out of the office chair and get my body back into motion. But just like London, once I do it, I’m always glad I did.

Orchid I think?

6 thoughts on “My Commute

  1. Nome

    I try to get out for a walk every day when I'm working at home too but it can be a real struggle some days! It shouldn't be – there are plenty of nice places to walk here and, like you, I love noticing all the little changes throughout the year.

    We used to live right next to a big park with a lake and throughout the year I became familiar with each family of ducks and geese and their habits – it was really lovely and quite fascinating.

  2. Monica

    Thanks Nome, and Bonnie. I also often struggle to get out for the walk – so silly! Why is it so easy to think we don't have the time for such things? Or like we're giving up something if we get up and leave the house? That's how I feel, sometimes. Surely my job is not THAT important. 🙂

    Bonnie, you're right about the life in the meadows. I was so glad I brought my camera because it forced me to get on the ground and really scrutinise everything that was happening. It was only then I noticed the bugs!

  3. Jes

    I love your "commute" posts 🙂 The landscape where you live is absolutely gorgeous! I'm just so sad that I'll be seeing the area in December, not now when everything is blooming and beautiful. Great shot of the grasshopper!

  4. Monica

    Thanks, Jes – you're coming to England in December? Winter here is admittedly different, but can have its own special beauty. 🙂 Where in England will you be?

  5. Heidi

    Beautiful pictures! I especially love the grasshopper one. I know exactly what you mean, being a stay at home mom I have to peel myself away from everything that needs doing and take a little time for myself to get some exercise in. On the plus side it usually makes the rest of the day go smoother when I do take time out 😀


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