My New Year’s Plans & Resolutions in Pictures

New Year's Provisions

Fridge stocked for new year’s: yogurt, white beans, oven pizzas, bubbly, beer, leafy greens, strawberries, giardiniera, Tim’s meat products, and a vegetarian haggis.

It’s New Year’s Eve and after a morning spent walking the dog, working out, grocery shopping, eating a fried egg sandwich and kneading dough, I’ve pretty much resigned myself to getting no work done today (such is the blessing and the curse of working freelance from home).

I’m very excited about my dorky New Year’s plans: Tim and I are going to have a Star Trek: The Next Generation marathon on New Year’s day. That, on top of the beers chilling in the fridge and a few exciting food plans, is my idea of a perfect New Year’s. It’s been a busy season, and I’m not in the mood for parties. I can’t remember the last time I treated myself to some good solid boob-tube time, and Star Trek: TNG is one of my favourite all-time TV series. Plus, we’ll be pairing our marathon with some good old fashioned TV-watching food: popcorn, pizza, oven fries, nachos – some serious junk food will be happening, and it felt really weird buying packaged food like oven pizzas, fries and corn chips at the grocery store today. Tim and I had a longish discussion about my making my own pizza from scratch (dough, sauce and all), and he finally convinced me that the day wasn’t about slaving away in the kitchen – it was about relaxing and being together.

Plus, even our packaged food is mostly natural (bottle of guilty-pleasure diet soda excluded). Say what you will about oven fries – potatoes are a whole food!

However, not one to go the whole weekend without cooking, I’m currently making some burger buns to go with some New Year’s Eve veggie burgers and bubbly. Plus, I’ve got an apple pie in the works and a loaf of bread rising for breakfast tomorrow. FYI, Waitrose’ Malted Grain Bread Flour is my new favourite bread flour – it makes delicious bread that toasts like a dream!

New Year's Provisions: Bread

I’ve also been thinking a bit about 2011. I’m not one for resolutions, but this last day of 2010 has me thinking about some things I’d like to do in the coming year.

Do a better job of keeping my plants alive

(Which means having some restraint when I start my veg garden this year.)

New Year's Resolution: Keep my plants alive

Eat out the larder

(I sense a lot of bread, beans and rice in my future.)

New Year's Resolution: Eat out the larder

Take care of my ankle

(With daily stretches and strength exercises.)

My foot vs. Arthur's

Keep up with dog training

(His and mine.)

Opening presents

Get really good at making pies

(Pastry first, filling second.)

Apple Pie

Successfully home roast coffee in the Whirley Pop

(Caff first, decaff second.)

Whirley Pop Coffee Roaster

Take another bicycle tour

(Even if I stay close to home.)

Meditation break

Wild camp somewhere beautiful

(And be able to hike there pain free.)

Wild camping

Make more money

(By working smarter, not harder.)

Home office

6 thoughts on “My New Year’s Plans & Resolutions in Pictures

  1. mangocheeks

    Enjoyed reading your New Year plans.

    Like you – I see eating a lot of beans and rice in my future, especially with it being wintery.
    I am with you on the pastry, something I am getting better at too 🙂

    Happy New Year to you Monica x

  2. mangocheeks

    Ah forgot to ask about your Whirly pop. Am I right in thinking it is a popcorn maker where you can add flavourings? Is yours from the U.K or did you bring it with you from the USA? I know, I am askign too many question, but I do like readign about foodie gadgets.


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