My story syndicated on BlogHer

In poached egg bliss.A warm welcome to any newcomers stopping by from BlogHer. BlogHer approached me a few weeks ago asking if they could syndicate my About Me page on their website (“with a few edits”). It was a great excuse to reflect a bit on the last year and update my story with the latest developments.

My only real reservation is the title. Since “About Me” isn’t an apt title for a blog post, BlogHer changed it to, well, this:

How I Lost and Kept 40 lbs Off — By Eating Green

My suggested title was “A life in food…so far” but I guess that wasn’t catchy enough. It’s just that the weight loss isn’t the point of all this. I almost feel like I should take it out of the story altogether.

But nevermind. It’s a thrill to be featured on BlogHer and I hope you’ll visit and leave comments and good vibes all around. Thanks BlogHer!

Click hear read to my story on BlogHer.

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3 thoughts on “My story syndicated on BlogHer

  1. Otir

    Thanks for the welcome. I did arrive to your blog because I saw your post syndicated on BlogHer (via their Twitter feed, as a matter of fact), and I was interested to read your journey. Curiosity took me to your blog, and I immediately loved your food diary pictures.

    I agree with you that your journey is certainly not about the weight loss but as you guessed it, the catchiness of the edited title was worth it, at least for my own sake, and pleasure too, knowing that I will follow your food diaries beautiful pictures from now on!

    Wishing you all the best.

  2. Otir

    Thanks for the headsup! I will definitely follow your journey! You are much more detailed – and artistic than all I can do (I keep a log of food and activities too, but in a much more spartian way!).


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