On the importance of good sleep

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We’re less than a week into our new place in the countryside and already I can feel the difference. Compared to London, one of the most noticeable differences is the noise (or lack thereof). Without the constant interruption of sleep noise, I’m finally enjoying the most restful sleep I’ve had in AGES! And no more earplugs! The remarkable thing is that we don’t even have a bed yet – I’m sleeping on the floor on a Therm-a-Rest Sleeping Mat, and will be for the next couple weeks, until our pimp new Superking-sized bed arrives. But even on the floor I’m sleeping much better than I did in London, and this is definitely feeding into the amount of energy I have during the day. It feels great to be rested. Now, I’m hoping that this great rest will inspire me to get out and explore the countryside, or at least, write a future post entitled “On the importance of good waterproof gear.” It rains a lot in England!

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