On Vacation (sort of)

New CameraHi readers! Great new – my dad is in London!

Not only that, but Tim got me a sweet Christmas present to enjoy during my dad’s visit (and beyond) – a Panasonic Lumix Lx3!

I’m going to be busy taking loads of pictures with my dad this week – pictures of my dad, pictures of the sites, and of course, pictures of food! But while I’m busy, my posts may be a bit erratic. Hang in there… it’s for a good cause!

Dad in London - Fresh off the Plane

5 thoughts on “On Vacation (sort of)

  1. Momma

    You will experience a lot of exciting things, loads of history, and soak in that high brow atmosphere in Oxford. Steve can nap on the bus and train rides if need be, ha ha… Enjoy your time together!


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