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Here’s a couple who are stretching their budget to the extreme… Two “social justice teachers” spent 30 days feeding themselves with $1 a day. Their blog, the One Dollar Diet Project, chronicles their experiment. It’s pretty fascinating, and tempts me to try something similar. Here’s an excerpt from Day 20:

Eating on a dollar a day once seemed impossible, now it seems ordinary. To think that we typically spent $150 a week on food is difficult to understand at this point. I guess we bought a lot of high ticket items like frozen rolled tacos, and soy dairy products, but even those aren’t that expensive compared to many of the foods sold in conventional grocery stores.

I guess what it comes down to is really making a commitment to eating wholesome unprocessed foods, eating smaller portions, buying in bulk, and putting some thought into menu planning. It seems easy enough, but until now we hadn’t committed to it.

Start reading from from Day One.

Thanks Jim!

4 thoughts on “One Dollar Diet Project

  1. Evita

    Hi Monica!

    Yes I heard about this couple and thought it was an amazing undertaking on their part to show most people who have it so good, how most of the world lives and does not perhaps have it ‘so good’. It is hard to know how it can be until we really step into another’s shoes and I give them credit for taking part in such a journey. I know they have made a lot of people see just how fortunate they are.

    On another note, it really just puts into perspective how much we overspend on unnecessary items many times when in reality our body doesn’t even want half of the stuff we call food today.

    Definitely gives one a lot to think about…


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