Online Gamers: Fitter physically but not mentally?

skitched-20080921-182645.pngWow, the New Scientist has shattered all of my stereotypes about people who play EverQuest. A new study suggests that adult gamers have an average body mass index lower than the overall American average (25.2 versus 28). That’s good news, I guess… 25.2 is still in the “overweight range”. The study also found that gamers report more cases of depression and substance abuse than non-gamers.

“They may be drawn to use the game to help deal with emotional distress,” says team member Scott Caplan of the University of Delaware.

No, really?

The research is based on a survey by 7000 players of EverQuest II about their physical and mental health. I thought it was funny that survey participants were offered a specially created virtual weapon as an incentive – the “Greatstaff of the Sun Serpent”. Never underestimate the power of the serpent. Or weapons. Or clever names for said weapons. If I offered you a “Giant Snake Fang Rapier” or the “Spear of the Dream Lover” in exchange for an hour’s walk a day, would you do it? Sounds like what EverCrack gamers need is the “Mighty Axe of the Prozac”. Or a real one of these:


Online gamers are fit – physically if not mentally

3 thoughts on “Online Gamers: Fitter physically but not mentally?

  1. emmyalex

    Wow! Who knew? So intereting. So does that mean I don’t have to do all my workouts at the gym and in Fitness mag? Ok, maybe Wii Fit is on to something, but I’m still doing my ab workouts.

  2. Health Hackers

    Wow – gotta say that really wasn’t my (admittedly anecdotal) impression of gamers. I know from my own experience that my body fat measurements are proportional to the amount of time I spend in front of a computer! 😉


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