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I just stumbled across a really great series from Outdoor mag. circa 2002.

The series is called The Shape of Your Life and it presents what looks like a really sensible and long term fitness programme.

Over the months you work from building endurance to strength and on to flexibility before moving on to speed and power and then finally balance and agility.

Many of the exercises are functional in nature, the writing supporting the programme is informative, inspirationally straight-foward and sometimes funny.

The endurance programme starts with building an aerobic base through heart rate training, a topic, er…, well… close to my heart? (sorry) Speaking of which, my running is going well now that I’m back from my travels.

Take a look and see if you find some inspiration.

Link to series index
Link to series introduction
Link to month one training plan

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One thought on “Outdoor Magazine exercise programme

  1. monica

    This makes me want to get back into two things I miss from the gym: strength training and yoga. But I don’t need the gym to do either of these things. So what’s stopping me? Maybe a good plan like this one.


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