Peppers galore after the first frost

Pepper harvest

If I were a keener gardener than I might have been prepared for last night’s frost. Instead, I awoke to sparkling blades of grass and some very droopy looking pepper plants.

Effects of the first frost

My reading tells me that my tender pepper plants will die after the first frost, so I decided to harvest the lot – and what a lot it was. My peppers did very well this year – we’re talking dozens of romano peppers and even more jalapenos.

But alas, the frost came earlier than the peppers could ripen and most of the romanos are still green. Will they ripen off the plant? I’m leaving them in a warm sunny spot indoors – time will tell.

In other gardening news, my tomatoes seem to have fallen prey to some kind of scurvy:

Something's wrong with my tomatoes

The green ones were happy, but they ripened all blotchy and unappetizing-like. So I picked all the green ones, which I’m looking forward to roasting with some eggplant, chili, thyme and those romano peppers… if they ever manage to ripen.

2 thoughts on “Peppers galore after the first frost

  1. Mom

    The tomatoes will ripen eventually… leave them in open air. When I was a kid the last of the green fall tomatoes sat on every window sill to ripen.

    Peppers taste the same, big or small, in most cases. I doubt the Romano Peppers will "ripen"… but you can still enjoy them. The smaller the pepper, the smaller the wall. But still very yummy.

    I have no doubt that you have the heart of a gardener and will continue to do more and more in years to come, with many successes and joy in the kitchen!

    Beautiful harvest… your lettuce and cabbage and onion family of veggies will continue to grow during cool months, even with frost… most likely.

  2. Monica

    I have my fingers crossed for the peppers. And yes, the lettuce outside seems just fine. Wish I had planted more cabbages, though. The winter garden is looking pretty bare.


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