Quick Garden Update

While I’m in Chicago, Tim is kindly taking care of my hodgepodge gardening effort. And looking at the pictures, it really does feel like a hodge podge.

There’s the indoor cherry tomato plant that has pretty much gone crazy. It’s taken over the wall and even has tomatoes already. Proof that it’s it’s pretty much effortless to grow tomatoes indoors in a container:

Tomato plants gone wild

Its friend, the yellow sungold tomatoes, is less epic, but also impressive (and look, you can see our clay oven in the background!):

Tomato plants gone wild

I’ve got a bunch of seedlings that are still not ready to go be planted out yet. I’ve been hardening them off, though, and they’re now spending most of their time outdoors. Looking at it this way, my garden looks pretty pruny – grow plants, grow!

Modest garden

Outside, I wanted to put my polytunnel into action, so I put a couple experimental jalapenos and red romano peppers out there. According to Tim, they’re still alive!

Fresh implants to the polytunnel

I also have some rocket going in a container, but I’m not thrilled with their progress. Yes, lots of green buds, but it looks like a lot of green nasty stuff on the soil, too. What’s up with that?

Rocket to be

The pumpkin and potatoes are much happier, though. Here they are in their respective pots:

Pumpkin and potatoes

Unfortunately, while tending to my plants, I noticed that the tomatoes and seedlings living indoors are being attacked by aphids. Any suggestions for getting rid of them?

Aphids - boo

Here in Chicago, I’ll be helping my mom set up her raised beds. I’m looking forward to it – she’s been gardening for years, and has even done some time working on her friend Mr. Greenjeans‘ organic farm in Ohio. I’m hoping to learn some tips and tricks to take back with me to my humble garden in the UK. Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “Quick Garden Update

  1. Monica

    Mike, thanks for the heads up on the on the soapy water. Will forward this on to the resident gardener and see how this goes. Cheers!

  2. Rebolmom

    This is the first time I have read your blog. You have quite a knack for conversation! Keep up the good work, and I look forward to more entries!

  3. Kelly

    You may not want them in your house but…. Lady Bugs love aphids. And you can by them and have them shipped to you. If you are really going organic watch the soap you use in your soap mixture, but it does work. Good luck!



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