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With Thanksgiving over and Christmas less than a month away, there will be an inclination to start looking forward to the new year and the new opportunities it will afford.

Inevitably the Big Giant New Year’s Resolution Narrative will be dragged out from the back of the closet by mainstream media and given its annual airing. I reckon this old carpet is threadbare.

New year resolutions set you up for failure by requesting that you start A Grand New Plan sometime on Jan 1 when you’re slightly hung over and just want to eat something greasy to mop up the hangover.

How about this: resolve to go for a walk right now, today. Make that resolution each morning when you get up and before the New Year you will have walked every day for over a month and done yourself some real good prior to the new year. Small changes right now are so much better than grand schemes you can procrastinate on until January 1st.

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