Roughing it on the Mississippi

Where it all began

My sis and I are headed to Mississippi Palisades State Park this morning. It’s on the Illinois-Iowa border, high up in the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River. Never been there before but am quite excited. People think the midwest is just endless seas of flat plains and cornfields, but there’s some texture to these landscapes, especially near the rivers.

I’m also psyched to be adding another campout to my sister’s and my growing list of adventures. Our last trip was in California, 2009, and we’re long overdo for another. We’ve been camping together for years. The picture above MIGHT be from our first campout ever, taken on a trip with our aunt Sandy, who I have to thank for getting us started on this camping kick, which only gets stronger as the years go by. And more ambitious, especially in the food department.

After we’ve thoroughly saturated our clothes in sweat and campfire smells, we’re heading a little further north to Dubuque, IA for a wedding. Then it’s back to England on Tuesday. But until thin, I’m going to live it up stateside as much as possible. Rain be damned! Mississippi Palisades or bust!

Marseilles, IL, USA to Palisades State Park - Google Maps.jpg

3 thoughts on “Roughing it on the Mississippi

  1. Mom

    Monica, it gladdens this mother’s heart to see her two daughters taking to the road to continue the camping tradition. I KNOW some of these times shared during these adventures together have been life altering in the past, and who could every hope for a better way to spend time building that sisterly bond ? Enjoy your trip together, may the bumps be few and the laughter be frequent. Be SAFE and ENJOY… looking forward to hearing all about it!

  2. Jacqueline

    It doesn’t appeal to me, but I do hope you have fun. I like getting outside and enjoying the countryside, but prefer to return to a proper bed for the night 🙂

  3. Monica

    Jacqueline =) I do know camping isn’t for everyone, and we do love our plush superking bed (makes it hard to sleep on inferior beds at hotels!). I guess we are people of extremes!


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