RSS and now email, great ways to keep up with the blog


The best way to keep up with the SmarterFitter blog is to subscribe to our news feed in a news reader like Google Reader. If you don’t know what a news reader is, and that’s perfectly reasonable because most people don’t, then you might like to check out this short video that explains what a reader is and why you might like to use one. Basically a news reader brings all your favourite sites including SmarterFitter to you so you don’t have to go to each site.

Link to RSS in Plain English video.

If you can’t be bothered with a reader and just like working from email, well, you can do that too. We’ve added a link on the blog page that will let you subscribe to our blog. You’ll get one daily email with all our updates and if we don’t post you wont get an email.

When you fill in the email registration form you’ll get an email that ask that you confirm your registration, click the link and the after that it is all set up.

Thanks for your time.


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