Smarter Fitter Smoothies

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Smarter Fitter Smoothies is all about how to make delicious healthy fruit and vegetable blends that will rock your world and make you feel awesome!

All recipes in my smoothie book are

  • Vegan
  • Dairy Free
  • Soy Free
  • Gluten Free

This isn’t just a book for vegans; it’s for anyone who appreciates whole, natural ingredients in the food they eat. This makes my book perfect for anyone who’s dairy free, soy free, gluten free. And for those of you folks seeking “paleo smoothies”, my book is full of them. It really is a smoothie book for everyone!

In addition to recipes, the book also includes

  • Health benefits of smoothies
  • Money-saving tips and time-saving tips
  • Nutritional information for all of the recipes
  • How to improvise delicious smoothies of your own

What Other People Are Saying

“Even before you get to the recipes, this book is a wealth of information. Monica explains her background and some of the nutritional aspects of her approach to smoothies…The rest of the book is jam packed full of recipes and scattered with tempting photos.”Vikki Roberts

“The photos are gorgeous and vibrant, the ingredients are simple, real food ingredients that you won’t have to hunt around at specialty food stores to find and, more than anything, it’s a book of inspiration.”Mardi Michels

“While I was visiting [Monica] in England we began nearly every day with one of her delicious, satisfying, sometimes surprising, always enjoyable smoothies. She has mastered the art of combining fruits and vegetables into a truly fortifying way. I felt great and satisfied, and eagerly looked forward to breakfast each day. She combines unexpected ingredients with astonishing success… prepare to get hooked!” – Mom

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