SmarterFitter changes and technical buffoonery

If you read SmarterFitter in a web browser, you may notice that things look a little different around here.

If you read SmarterFitter in an RSS feed reader, then hopefully you’re still getting my updates.

I’ve decided to migrate my blog from its previous home at to a self-hosted WordPress blog on my web host.

Hopefully the switch won’t affect too many of you, however, I highly anticipate more than a few technical niggles along the way. I have already been dealing with the thorny issues of permalinks (nerds should scroll to the bottom of this post to read how to redirect SquareSpace URLs to WordPress URLs).

RSS feeds should be working, and I’ve done my very best to preserve links and images (sooo glad I host all my images on Flickr). But if you do stumble upon a broken link, missing image, or anything else odd, I would appreciate if you’d let me know.

SquareSpace is an entirely different blogging platform from WordPress so, aside from the raw content, I am essentially starting from scratch. Over the next few days I’ll re-add stuff like BlogRolls and links. Eventually, I’ll get around to updating my theme. But I find that such tasks are a bit of a time suck, and I’m all about doing as little as possible to get to the creative bit where I get to take photos and write things. Besides, simple is good, right?

Nerd Stuff: Rewrite Rule to Redirect SquareSpace URLs to WordPress URLs

I couldn’t find anything through Google that covered this exact topic, so I’m posting my solution here.

The permalink structure on SquareSpace and WordPress are slightly different, but similar, for example:



To redirect all links to URLs under the SquareSpace link structure, I added the following to my .htaccess file:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^blog/(.*)\.html$ $1 [R=301,L]

I hope that is of use to someone!

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