SmarterFitter Easter Special


Happy holidays, Easter bunnies. I know I should be wishing for sunshine and spring flowers, but today I prefer the showers. We have snow in London! It’s not sticking, but it’s pretty and magical when it falls.

In celebration of the holiday, I bring you a post entirely devoted to eggs, one of my all time favourite foods.

Wondering how to cook an egg? Here’s a few detailed instructions:

Now that you know how to cook eggs, how should you eat them?

How about from an egg cup made of pure white salt crystals?


Or make weird boiled egg shapes with Japanese egg molds


Or how about my favorite? Poached eggs on toast!

A perfect poached egg on barley wheat toast.

My other favorite: egg in a frame!

Egg in a frame

Lots of people are feeling eggcellent this weekend. Heidi of 101 Cookbooks posts her favourite egg recipes, including Poached Eggs over Rice and the crepe-thin Skinny Omelet Meanwhile, Jul at Veggie Chic has some tasty looking veggie dishes for Easter.

I know it’s not eggs, but hot cross buns are delicious and smell really good while they’re toasting. Tim made some last year from a recipe in bread matters by andrew whitley. They were awesome! Here’s a similar recipe for hot cross buns at recipezaar.

TIm's Hot Cross Buns

3 thoughts on “SmarterFitter Easter Special

  1. MizFit

    I love those Japanese egg molds…so weird they’re actually something I use 🙂

    MizFit is all about the egg beaters (substitute)


    and lots.

    every day.

    tough to dye though 🙂

  2. Jul

    Eggs in frames = my grandfather’s eggs in hats, the only thing I ever remember him cooking (usually my grandmother was in charge of the kitchen). Fond memories. 🙂

  3. monica

    @MizFit – I used to live on egg white omelets. Used to? Today I had a 2-egg-white and 1-egg-yolk omelet (thank you Tim, your omelets kick ass). I feel kind of wasteful throwing out the yolks, but my silly paranoia always kicks in (as George said to Jerry at Reggie’s diner: “have a yolk, it won’t kill ya!”).

    @Jul – Everybody seems to have their own version and name for this dish. I’ve heard “one-eyed jack”, “egg in a toast”, “hole-y toast” and “egg in a hole”. I always loved eating the little circle cut-out (pan-fried in butter, of course). Fond memories indeed. 🙂


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