SmarterFitter in the Countryside

Clattinger Farm and Surrounds

After three years of living in London, we’ve decided to up and move to the countryside. It’s a huge life change and I can’t wait for it to begin. I love London, but it’s time to do something completely different. I’ve always dreamed of living in the middle of nowhere, and I’m actually at a point in my life where I can do that. So why not? We found what seems like the perfect place for us: a converted barn on land owned by the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust (you can read more about the move on my personal blog).

Our New Home (I Hope)

One of the reasons I’m moving to the country is to get a lot of work done on my personal projects. One of these projects is SmarterFitter, and I hope to have a lot more time to spend on the blog once I’m free of London’s distractions. I plan to continue writing about food as I always have, but I’d also like to write more about the fitness side of SmarterFitter. After all, staying fit in the country is going to be a challenge. The country may mean quiet nights and greener pastures, but the country also means

  • No client meetings to cycle to
  • No gyms or pools within walking distance of my house
  • No fit people to admire as they run around the park for the umpteenth time
  • No one to remind me that working from home all day in front of a computer is the number one bestest most ultimate way to expand the waistline

But the country also means miles and miles of public footpaths to explore, sustrans cycle routes to ride, Cotswold hills to scale, country pubs to walk to, and the neighboring Cotswold Water Park with kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, and other water-related sports. PLUS, the new places has a huge, partially paved garden for skipping, sprinting, and playing frisbee.

Staying true to the SmarterFitter tradition, there will be no treadmills, no elliptical machines, no weight machines, and no gyms. Just getting fit and staying healthy the natural way. That’s what this website has always been about, and in many ways, that’s also what moving to the country is about. I’m hoping to find an environment that helps me be the best person I can be, both in food, fitness, “work” and life on the whole. Let’s just hope I don’t go stir crazy, Jack Torrance style.

4 thoughts on “SmarterFitter in the Countryside

  1. Jonathan Aluzas

    Very, very jealous. Congratulations on your relocation. You’re actually living my dream without realizing it. If you get to the point where you need a bit of urban adventure, call me and I’ll swap my Los Angeles home for your countryside barn for a week!

    As for fitness, you can do pushups, running, calisthenics, martial arts, etc. just about anywhere. You don’t need the heavy machinery, as you know.

  2. Monica Shaw

    Thanks all, I’m super excited!

    @Jonathan – Great suggestions on the pushups, running, etc. We’ll actually have a great big yard for sprinting. But don’t know LA – my sis lives there and I really like it! Lots of fruit trees!

    @Emily – Free weights would be great, but then I’d want a bench, and there’s not really space for that. I’m going to see how I go with the Monkey Bar Gym and body weight exercises. Who knows, I might need to invest in dumbells at some point.

    @Lance – Thanks! I hope you’re right!


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